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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Living the High Life.

First things first, I should disclose that I've gone corporate, Cambodia style.  I started working at UBB, full time, sometimes I even wear a tie.  I had to purchase some new clothes because I felt like the office slob, although, still wearing my TEVAs.

I moved out from where I was living last year, i.e. the box, and am now living with a tad more amenities. 

Here are some pictures of the new place:

 (A poorly lit shot of the living room...)
 (A better shot of the living room.  Note the light up Buddha that came with the house.)

 (A few pictures hanging from the unused cable for a tv.)

 (More pictures and a makeshift bookshelf.)

 (My new fridge, yes, the stickers were included.)

 (My bedroom, complete with a/c, mood light, random necklace, and tiled in whinny the pooh)

 (Not sure about some of the characters here...we've got pooh, piglet, and tigger, but who's on the balloons?)

 (Living room decor.)

 (Kitchen: note the counterspace and places to put things!)

 (Kitchen decor.)
 (Yes, that is a flush lever.)                                               (Here's my landlord installing mosquito nets.)

In other news, I am riding a moto now.  It's a red Honda Dream.  I always always wear my helmet.  I'm even a bit overly nerdy when it comes to helmets, e.g. I brought my helmet from America that is both SNELL and DOT approved, it's called the Scorpion EXO: 


(Here's a photo from my desk at UBB.  It's sort of like an office, which I share with 2-3 other people.)

That's all for now. 

Love you guys,

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