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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Enfin, an Update

I'm here in Battambang.  Having a coffee and enjoying my protracted lunch.  I am listening to some foreigners talk about their "burning digestive system."  A co-worker was out sick at work today, and I'm happy to have my health.  I am sitting with Libby, she's graciously copying some pictures from the guitar show last weekend.

Here's the set list from that:

April  Come She Will  (S&G)
Don't Think Twice it's Alright (dylan)
Hey ya (acoustic obadiah parker version)
Little Talks (monsters and men)
Blood Bank (bon iver)

___________  BREAK____________

Ohio  (jurado)
Can't Help Falling in Love  (presley/ ingrid michaelson)
A Team (...)
The Weary Kind  (I forget...)
Rivers and Roads (Head and the Heart)
Wagon Wheel (O.C.M.S.)

Life's been good here.  Cambodia normal.  I was finally paid by UBB, although it wasn't what I was expecting and we're trying to work out the details...  I feel like I'm working a lot, but happily there are a decent amount of holidays.  One recent highlight with my students was playing the "continue the story" game.  I started out with a man, from there students continued the story... here's a synopsis: he went to a bank, with a gun, robbed the bank, fled to thailand, and proceeded to give all the money to his girlfriend.  The scheduling is still pretty sporadic and I'm working on a project to hopefully change that, i.e. getting a computer-based scheduling system in place.


(Lib and I)

(The banjo's debut.)

(The after-party)

In the next few weeks I'll be hosting Thanksgiving at my house, excited to be with friends but it makes me miss home a little.  Although, Christmas isn't too far away...

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