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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So this is the New Year...

I just checked my flight information and I’ve been here exactly twelve days.  I’m sweating, the temperature is in the 90s with humidity and somehow the ceiling fan doesn’t seem to hit where I am.  The last email I received from U of B in July stated that I would start in early October.  I started working full time last Thursday (9/20).  I taught class on Saturday, and then Monday turned out to be a holiday, so now I am here again.  The first class starts at 7am and I still feel jetlagged.  I am tired.  I was homeless (well, living out of a hotel) until Friday, then spent the weekend organizing and unpacking and suddenly it was Tuesday morning and I was running out of my door to hop on a moto and head to work again.  I left my keys in my door, luckily I have kind neighbors…my mind’s a wreck.  Today was hard.  I could have used the extra week for planning and peace of mind, but life is different here.  I started looking at some of the pictures I took when I was at home and it made me happy.  I am glad that I will be coming home for Christmas and hope to see you all when I return!

 (Josh at the climbing gym)
 (On a woodland adventure with Ian)
 (Recording at home)
 (Hey Jude)
 (My street / stop sign)
 (San Luis Obispo surfing!)
 (At Ex^ponent)
 (Golfing with grandma.)
 (Breakfast by the sea.)
 (Out on the farm.)
 (Biologist in training.)

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