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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Typical Day in Cambodia

A picture's worth a thousand words, and I've written plenty this year already. Here's a glimpse at what my life would look like as a movie / series of random images strung together.

I wake up before the sun (around 5:30).

I exercise in my room for about 45 minutes.

I eat a bowl of oatmeal and peanut butter (I cannot break the habit)

then make a cup of coffee. (I have to stand and hold the thing because the plug doesn't reach the table...)

If I have class, I go downstairs and say hi to my host family and bike a few kilometers down a dirt road to the school.

At school, even when I'm late, I'm usually the first person to arrive besides the director and I make small talk with him and the other teachers as they show up. e.g. "Have you eaten rice already? (common greeting question here) Are you happy or not? (I'm doing literal translations here...) etc. School is supposed to start at 7, but when all is said and done and my co-teacher arrives it's around 7:30 or 45 and we teach two classes of anywhere from 25 to 55 students in a wooden building for about an hour and a half.

If I don't have school, I spend some time reading in my hammock, studying khmer (I'm learning how to read and write), and playing guitar.

Then around 11 I have lunch with my host family and sit around talking (kneetyay leng) for a bit with my host-mom and host aunts. I normally siesta for a bit after this, because it gets miserably hot. After my nap, I try and do some lesson planning or more reading and then around 5 I go for a run.

I come home and bucket shower

and then have dinner with the family, which consists of two younger brothers a younger sister and extended family siblings.

A few times a week I teach my siblings English for and it's been going great! When people are motivated to learn and have fun learning, it's wonderful! Afterward, I retire to my room play a bit more guitar and go to bed around 9pm.

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  1. Thanks Peter! This is great! I feel like you could turn it into a children's book or something. Looks like you are all settled in now :)