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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

A few nights a week, I teach English to my host brothers, host cousins, and host sister (sometimes, she seems to be more interested in her Korean Soaps). I like teaching them, and they are pretty excited to learn. We've got a whiteboard set up downstairs and a word wall. It's a pretty convenient setup. Last night they did the sweetest thing for me. When I came downstairs to teach them after I finished my Khmer studies, they were all waiting for me with Christmas presents. It was completely unexpected! I opened the gifts with them: a few bars of soap, two pairs of nail clippers, a santa hat, two horse ornaments, a santa ornament, and a little bottle of shampoo. Ignoring the implications of the soap, I was really overwhelmed. We watched tv together downstairs for awhile, they'd decided to take the day off, and then, wearing my santa hat, I played some guitar and went to bed.

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