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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mountains and Islands

Hanoi, 12pm. Off the plane, onto a bus. In the city, kebab stand. Lunch, more Pho. Killing time, read East of Eden. Walk to train station. More kebabs. Sleeper train, 8 hrs to city outside of Sapa. Met some Europeans on the train (Belgium and Sweden?) Woke up to "Taxi! Taxi!" The drivers had come onto the train at 5am to peddle for customers. The first guy, though not pleasant to wake up to, quoted a reasonable price for a ride to Sapa. I slept off and on looking at the terraced rice fields on the side of the mountain. Found a hotel with an awesome shower head and hot water. Went out to a cafe. Hiked up to this natural park/area.

Found this roundabout/twirligig. Hiked in the clouds and mountains. Pictures of mountains on slide show. Spent four days up here in the north, close to the southern border of China.

Afterward, another sleeper back to Hanoi, then straight out to Halong Bay. Spent the rest of the trip on Catba island!

Kayaking (this is posed though, the kayak is actually on the sand...)

The view from the hill on Monkey island.

This is Halong bay.

The crag in the middle of the jungle. (Crag = area to rock climb) A ton of bolted routes. Led a 10b, still got it!

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