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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Birds Stole My Toothbrush

(Me on the way to school with Che.)

(How we got our bikes from Phnom Penh to my site.)

(Che and I teaching club.)

(Che creeping on me while I did laundry :)

I had a toothbrush. I used it to brush my teeth. One day it was gone. There's a flock of birds who live in the awnings of my room. They like to drop twigs and straw all over my floor. I suspect that they stole my toothbrush.

Paranoid assertions aside, I have been teaching English and rocking out to pop songs with my kids. We did Backstreet Boys last week and this week was Taylor Swift. I spent some time developing listening gap tasks and shuffling the lyrics, so that the kids get something out of it, but I've been really enjoying it as well.

(Jammin' for the kids)

My friend Che came to visit me this week. It was really great to have him around, and we went on some random adventures which involved biking down a hill with no lights at night, eating Korean food in rural Cambodia, playing a Taylor Swift duet, and jumping on a trampoline.

Keep your hopes high and your expectations low.

(Che and Tola, my tutor, by the lake.)

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  1. I love jumping on a trampoline! :D I enjoyed looking at the pictures, BTW. How was your stay in Cambodia? I admire you for teaching kids in rural areas. In any case, it think it was the birds that got your toothbrush because they thought it was a twig that dropped in your room. :)

    Bobby Schaeffer