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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Harvest Begins!

Picture update:

Here's a view from the front of my home. The can is full of gasoline, and there are four children on the bike in the background.

Update on community activities: Rice. It's everywhere. Did you ever wonder where rice came from? I know I did. 'Did' being the operative word. Here's how it works (or at least my best guess from what I have observed) : rice grows in a lot of water. The stalks get to be about three or four feet tall, and then the plant turns from its typical light green shade to a grainy yellow. Once they see yellow, everyone and their mother (literally, I live in a farming community) heads out to the rice fields with rice-chopping-instruments (there's a word for them, but it's escaped me). After the rice is cut, the stalks are placed on a wooden cart pulled by water buffalo. At the end of the day everyone piles on top of the stalks and rides home. From here, the stalks are stacked in front of houses waiting to be whipped against wooden bed frames to separate the rice. That's what's going on outside my window. As of this morning, my host-brothers' room has been turned into a rice processing arena. My host-brother and sister are busily whipping stalks onto the wooden bed where they sleep. I won't try and speculate about what happens to the rice after this. I'm just going to assume that something happens, and I'll update you further if I hear more.

Update on work: I posted my posters on posts at the school. I'll be in on Monday to see if there is any student interest, and if all goes well I'll have two clubs getting started next week! As per the advice of one of my friends here, I'll be bringing in the guitar and singing some songs as an introduction. I can't wait!

Update on mental health: stable.

Update on french press: fixed.

Update on water filter: fixed.

Update on electricity: out for now, hopefully will be on later.

Update on time change: +15 hours (west coast) thanks to daylight savings.

Update on safety: I jumped over a snake the other day while running. I don't think it was a cobra...

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