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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Khmer Rap Group and My Traveling M.O.


So, I saw this poster and I couldn't pass it without taking a picture. There's the typical 5 person possy all schwagged out with various articles of bling. Not gonna lie, the headband guy with Jordan's number kinda reminded me of Questy. Not really sure about the various signs being thrown, but I think the guy on the right is advocating for peace. Master Wizard seems to be the group leader. I say this because he is on top, and he has the most bling. Also, he is shooting rays of fire, light, or gangster-related inspirational energy at the others, which makes him the leader by default. Then, there is the woman in the shiny dress, who doesn't really seem to fit in with either the gangster or wizard party. Maybe she's going to prom with one of them.

Throughout my travels with Guillaume in Central America, I could often be found eating peanut butter, sometimes plain, sometimes with a spoon, sometimes without utensils... Here I managed to find some bread, and while going on a mini-vacation this past weekend, I returned to my usual ways. Guillaume, I hope you are proud of me.

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