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Friday, July 23, 2010

Safe and Sound

Just a quick update... I''m in Cambodia. I'm safe. We started learning Khmer today. I'll put up some pictures when I get my camera back (I left it with my other luggage which i'll have access to Sunday?) The food has been amazing thus far. I had something today that reminded me of orange chicken and we had Chinese soup for breakfast. The humidity reminds me of Costa Rica and the geckos remind me of Hawaii. We have a few more days with our whole group (54ish) people and then we move in with a host-family and split into smaller groups. The country is beautiful.

Peace and Love,

P.S. Some people tried fried tarantula today.


  1. Yum! Fried tarantula sounds pretty interesting. Did you try some? I think you definitely need to. Maybe you could find a recipe and we'll have a bbq....

  2. Haha, i have yet to try it. I'm sure i'll have another chance at some point. I could always grab the one who lives in my bathroom i.e. squatty potty outhouse, and grill it up. I'll let you know :)