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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Tiger Eating A Banana

Looking at the last date on here, I realize a month flew by. Also realized I've been really slacking on the blog, and on skype... I have been busy? Well, it's true, but really I shouldn't be making excuses...

Work is going good. I feel productive. Our textbook group created a second syllabus, which has gone to committee to be reviewed. I'm working on developing teacher training workshops, and working with the teacher trainees at the teacher trainer center.

I have a social life. There's people who speak English natively who I can interact with on a daily / near daily basis. I'm playing guitar a decent amount in my free time. Played a really fun show with my friend Dave last night! My friend Vanessa taped our duets with my camera, so I'll do my best to get some parts of it online.

(Dave and I with Anna, the owner of Cafe Eden.)

This last week has been a holiday since Wednesday, the water festival. So, a few of us took the opportunity to bike out to some caves on a mountain close to the city.

(Me on a mountain.)

(Kurt, Libby, Vanessa, and I inside a cave.)

(Vanessa and Libby climbing the treacherous stairs leading up to the Buddha head.)

(Contemplating the Buddha head.)

(A tiger eating a banana.)

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  1. Sweet, if I were a tiger I'd definitely eat bananas too.