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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pictures From the Last Few Weeks

Lately, I've been working on getting my new place set up. I am still trying to move to another place, but in the meantime I'm making myself at home. As of now, I have a table, a mattress, a stove, and two chairs. When I went to buy the table, I had no idea about how I would transfer it back to my house which is over a mile from the market. After buying the table, I suggested that I'd hold onto it and bike one-handed. The guy at the market shook his head, laughed, took one look at my bike and said, "no problem, we'll put it on the back." He and his son got it all rigged up and then I asked if he knew a place I could get my tires pumped up because they were a bit low with the extra weight. Then he pulled out a pump and filled my tires. I was in awe. I don't remember ever getting service like this in the states. He really went out of his way to help me and the bike/table combo stayed together all the way home.

(Biking from the market with a table on the back of my bike.)

Earlier, when the town was flooded, we made pasta at my place after wading through the small lake outside in the street.

(From the right: Vanessa, Arnoldo, Sotierut, and Dave)

(A candid shot, emphasizing the lovely brown color of the water.)

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