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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post Prandial Prattling

(The subscript of my sister's wedding photo: "Romantic Moments: more loves, more happiness!)

I looked through the wedding pictures with my host family yesterday. It was then that I learned that I missed the "standing in line ceremony" which happened while I was trying to sleep the morning of the second wedding day. That was why the music started at 5am...

I just finished my pb&honey oatmeal, and I'm listening to Frightened Rabbit. They are very good and I recommend listening to the tracks "Fast Blood" "The Modern Leper" and "My Backwards Walk."

I have a family of mice living in my room. I used to have one, or maybe two, but yesterday there were confirmed sightings of at least four mice, two of them babies. They're really cute, but they make noise at night (mostly squeaking) and they drop little pellets all over my room, which is not cool.

(One of the babies playing with my P.C. badge).

The school year is just about wrapped up. Twelfth (what a bizarre spelly word!) graders have testing next week, and the other grades will be finishing up shortly after. My clubs may start back up again once the testing is over, but it depends on the students. Would you want to take foreign language classes in the summer?

I live on a farm. I've had my suspicions about this all along, but now I'm pretty sure. Besides the mice, we have pigs, cows, ducks, dogs, chickens, roosters (que je deteste!), and a rice field behind the house. I think the only one missing from the e.i.e.i.o. crew is a horse (but how are you really supposed to double a monosyllabic horse sound anyway, "neigh neigh," really?).

Tanen is coming to Cambodia!

(I imagine our adventures will be something like this.)

My nickname for Tanen is "Tinny" or "Rin tin tin" or "Tin tin" and I believe Nick Chase coined "Rin Tin Squin Tin" and it's possible that Kayla or Casey came up with "Tinny poo." Regardless of origin, it seems that Tanen Brown's sobriquet destined him for a trip to Cambodia.

Here it is, your moment of zen:

(My students were studying this and I felt compelled to take a picture of the lesson. She has a big ball.)

(He looks so sad. This is about teaching adjectives, and using 'my' and 'your' to indicate possession and nothing else.)

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